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 Save a Trip to The Dealership – How to Save on 1234YF Air Conditioning

Save a Trip to The Dealership – How to Save on 1234YF Air Conditioning

Since 2014, car manufacturers have been slowly shifting to R-1234YF, a new and improved refrigerant for automotive air conditioning systems. This newer AC refrigerant has been adopted in Europe and is also slowly gaining traction here in the US. This is due to its excellent cooling capabilities as well as its eco-friendly impact on the environment.

Unfortunately for the owners of cars, trucks, and SUVs that use R-1234YF, servicing their vehicle’s air conditioning systems previously meant spending their precious Saturdays at the dealership. Why? Because up until recently, dealerships were the only place these newer age cars could find service.

The truth of the matter is that your local auto dealership is not the only place you can get serviced for R-1234YF3 air conditioning. Many auto maintenance and repair shops including Allied Automotive Service can also service your vehicle for R-1234YF, often at a fraction of the cost which can ultimately save you hundreds in the long run.

Allied Automotive Service can now save you a trip to the dealership and maintain your late model R-1234YF air conditioning.  Call (610) 351-0020 or click to book your appointment now.

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