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 Where Can I Find R-1234YF Air Conditioning Service?

Where Can I Find R-1234YF Air Conditioning Service?

You can service your vehicle with R-1234YF air conditioning by booking an appointment with Allied Automotive Service, or by visiting your local car dealership or auto repair shop.

At the time of this article, quantities of R-1234YF are generally quite low across the USA. The A/C refrigerant is rather new when compared to older options like R-134a and R-12, the former of which is quickly being phased out overseas.

To better serve our Allentown, PA and Emmaus, PA communities, Allied Automotive Service is now Section 609 certified to handle and service all R-1234YF vehicles. That means you now have the advantage of saving time and money you could have lost at overpriced dealerships, all without compromising the quality of your air conditioning service.

To get your car serviced by the auto professionals at Allied Automotive Service, click the button below to schedule your appointment today.


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